Valerio overcomes his difficulties | Sport for All

Valerio can practice his favourite sport thanks to Sport for All!

This is the story of Valerio, one of the young people with disabilities who is part of the Sport for All project in Naples.

Valerio is sociable and likes to be with others, although he has difficulty concentrating and tends to withdraw from his surroundings.

In addition, he suffers from severe obesity, which limits his physical and athletic movements and makes him extremely lazy, leading him, unfortunately, to refuse any kind of sporting activity.

So, initially, Valerio was very sceptical about the idea of a sports workshop, as he was used to not participating in such activities when he was at school and had never done any sport.

He was intrigued by the presence of Fondazione Milan shirts and decided to try sport, arousing great enthusiasm among his classmates and teachers, who were not used to seeing him do physical activities.

Thanks to the Sport for All project, born from the collaboration between Fondazione Milan and Yuki Onlus, Valerio has gained more self-confidence and awareness of his physical limitation: getting involved and overcoming difficulties with the help of his teammates and educators, have been the push to become more and more protagonist, because sport changes lives.

By supporting the Sport for All project you will contribute to giving new sporting opportunities in inclusive contexts and help many young people like Valerio!

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