Matteo becomes a protagonist | Sport for All

Like the champions, Matteo also becomes a protagonist!

Matteo tells about his experience after the Paralympic fencing course organised thanks to the Playmore project, which for years has allowed people with and without disabilities to participate in many sports.

This course – says Matteo – allows to better understand fencing, instead of just watching it on TV. In particular, it allows you to experience in practice the various rules and learn the names of the parries (for example “3⁄4” and “cava”).
In addition – and I didn’t know this – it is possible to conduct not only individual but also team assaults. At the end of the lessons you can stop and talk about what you’ve just done and compare notes.

This is very useful for building mutual trust and also allows you to make new friends. An important result of this course for me is the feeling of ‘being part of a team’.

Being able to go back to the lessons in person is very important and makes me happy. In the lockdown I kept myself trained so that I was never unprepared for the training sessions thanks to the assistants who were there for me via Skype, following me every step of the way!

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