Two coaches and their boys | Sport for All

Two coaches from the "Sport for All" project tell us about their experience!

Sport for Change has many protagonists among its stories, children, young people, adults: among them are also the coaches who pass on their love of football to the participants in the project.

The passion and tenacity they put into working with young people is fundamental to combating the educational poverty of which young people are sadly the victims: this also fuels the social exclusion and discrimination that many of them have to face in their daily lives.

The Como garrison, set up together with the Cometa Sports Association, is becoming a concrete sign in the fight against educational poverty, a phenomenon which in turn becomes a serious cause of social exclusion and discrimination that very often translates into juvenile deviance and risks of conflict with the law.

In Sport for Change, sporting activities are not just about ‘staying fit’: in this period of pandemic, which has led to the partial suspension of training for children and young people, it has been a moment to realise that sport, and especially football in this garrison, is a fixed point to which children cling.

Knowing that they have two fixed appointments during the week where they can see their friends and companions, has allowed the athletes not to get discouraged and continue to face the day with more enthusiasm.

The coaches tell us: “Despite the constant change of method, the desire to return to training in presence has always remained constant in all of them. We realised that there was a deeper reason behind this desire: to be able to share an experience, a friendship and a passion with their teammates. The emotion we saw in them was so overwhelming that we wanted to do even more to get back on the field with new games and activities.”

It is therefore essential to build authentic training sessions, with the educational purpose, the real driving force behind all sporting activities, foremost in mind.

By supporting the Sport for Change project you will be helping many fragile and marginalised children at risk.

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