Matteo now believes in himself | Sport for All

True integration!

There are so many things I would like to say, but I believe that words can hardly convey the emotions that our whole family has experienced with the Sport for All experience in PlayMore! supported by the Fondazione Milan.

What we consider to be the winning aspect of this activity is first and foremost the atmosphereof true integration that was immediately felt.

A space where everyone can bring their weaknesses and strengths into the group without anyone feeling judged, each with their own abilities, but all encouraged by the others not to give up and to give their best!

This is in our opinion the true sporting spirit and this is what I think of when I talk about Integration. I have never seen in the Sport for All football group the disabled and the able-bodied, no one there feels that way, everyone feels like an athlete, a true team cohesion! No envy, no rivalry but the joy of being together playing sport.

This may sound corny and perhaps idealised, but I can only say this because this is exactly what I have breathed in these years at PlayMore!

I’ve seen Matteo waiting for his teammates after training because performance in this activity is a side effect, the most beautiful thing for everyone is to do something together, putting themselves on the line.

Sport for All in my opinion is just that, the chance to be proud of one’s abilities, the chance to see that everyone can do a sport, in their own way, and that everyone can do it!

Integrated sport puts everyone on an equal footing by making everyone understand how abilities and disabilities can coexist in every person.

Matteo has finally learnt to believe in himself, he has learnt that in the midst of so many “I can’t do it” the moment has come for “I can do it, I will do it, we can do it” and for every person this is of immense value.

Thank you Fondazione Milan and PlayMore!, because Sport for All courses are not only good for those who practise them, but also for those who gravitate around them!