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A job opportunity in Harmont&Blaine

Pubblichiamo volentieri la lettera che Gianni ha voluto mandarci dopo aver fatto 3 mesi di stage presso lo Style Partner di AC Milan, Harmont&Blaine: questo stage lavorativo è nato grazie al desiderio del fashion brand di sostenere il presidio di Napoli di “Sport for Change” che Fondazione Milan ha realizzato insieme ai partner del territorio del capoluogo campano.

We are pleased to publish the letter that Gianni sent us after his 3-month internship at AC Milan’s Style Partner, Harmont&Blaine: this internship came about thanks to the fashion brand’s desire to support the “Sport for Change” garrison in Naples, which the Fondazione Milan has set up together with partners in the Campania city.

“I have come to the end of my first work experience in the logistics department of Harmont&Blaine, a company that works in the clothing sector.

I would never have expected to find such good and humble people, especially in making me understand things that were unknown to me before: among them their management software and all the work related to logistics. In the first few days I started to learn the basics: how to use the transpallet, cutter, wrapping machine and how to prepare the pallets.

After a short time, I learned how to identify any problems with incoming and outgoing garments, distinguish between the garments themselves; I learned how to sort grouped products into flawed, good or returned items; as well as learning all the codes to distinguish between the various company items, enter data into the RFID system and send data to the SAP management system.

I immediately established a good working and personal relationship with my colleagues. At the end of this experience I was able to take a deep look into the world of work and enrich my skill set.”
All this is possible by supporting the Sport for Change project, which has always been on the side of the most fragile and disadvantaged young people, to show that sport is an engine for change, without distinction.

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