Freddy finds his team | Sport for Change

Freddy at soccer training

Freddy is an American child and part of the team of those born between 2013 and 2015. His family moved to Italy a year ago and now lives in Como. When they arrived, it was difficult for Freddy to meet children and make friends because he did not know the language and felt excluded.

Freddy is not a very sporty child, he is much more interested in art and even when he was in America he did not spend much time on physical activity. Sometimes he played football in the garden with his brothers, but nothing more.

When they arrived in Italy, they were looking for a place where Freddy could play a sport that interested him, like football, and a place where he could find supportive people. Freddy needed to feel appreciated for his abilities without feeling that he was not good enough to play or not talented enough to be part of a team.

Thus, they met Cometa through a friend. Freddy initially did a trial training session and, in the end, was so enthusiastic that he couldn’t wait to come back the next time. The Fondazione Milan‘s Sport for Change programme was a chance for Freddy to become integrated, make friends with other children and bond with the coaches.