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Francis and his best friend: the ball

Francis is a child of only 11 years old, who lived in the degradation and poverty of Dandora, together with his sisters because he was orphaned by both parents who died of AIDS contracted in the slum.

They live, since the death of their parents, with their grandmother, living in a dilapidated shack made of sheet metal, without a roof, which collapsed due to heavy rains.

Francis is a very introverted and sensitive boy, and unfortunately, after the loss of his grandmother to whom he was very attached in 2019, he closes more and more in on himself. This is how Francis is taken to the Alice for Children orphanage in Utawala, where he can go to school, spend time with other children in safety and have a hot meal every day.

Francis in this place meets a ball, which he later discovers is his best companion in life. And so it is that Francis spends his free time, devoting himself with devotion and tenacity just like the great leaders to play soccer, in a short time he learns to make goals and dribble. So much so that, he is also noticed by those who come looking for young people in Erba, and in fact, he is hired for the next season.

The onlus rossonera, that for 2020 had already decided to support a project of Alice for Children dedicated to social inclusion through sport, has decided to convert the activity in supporting the Prevention Plan, now more than ever necessary for the emergency linked to Covid-19, becoming the main donor of the initiative.

With the advent of the Corona Virus, in fact, his dream of carefreeness is interrupted again. Because of the fear of the virus and the hunger it brings, Francis returns to live with his last remaining loved ones: his sisters. He wants to spend as much time as possible near them. Francis and his sisters are always followed and are often helped with food and medical visits.

Fondazione Milan also decided to give its contribution to help these young talents and not make them feel more alone than they already are.

Fondazione Milan continues its work to help the most vulnerable people who are facing the Coronavirus emergency. The red&black nonprofit organization has decided to support the project “Coronavirus Prevention Plan” of Alice for Children in Kenya where, 14 years ago, the NGO has built and since then manages two elementary school that host 2,000 children from Korogocho and Dandora, two of the most populated slums of Nairobi.

How can you support Francis?

With a donation you can promote access and support the practice of sports for the children of Nairobi.

Join us and support Francis!