Emilia regains her self-confidence | Sport for All

Emilia's change thanks to the Sport for All project!

Emilia is a young girl with mild cognitive retardation and graft psychosis. She is a very sensitive girl and pays attention to everything that happens around her, she always feels inadequate and not very accepted by her classmates.

Thanks to the “Sport for All” project, born from the collaboration between Yuki Onlus and Fondazione Milan, she can participate in the activities of the project and feel part of a great team together with her companions and tutors.

Day after day, tutors and companions follow her and reassure her during her journey because when Emilia carries out the project activities – an operator tells us – she shows signs of agitation, fear of making mistakes and asks for confirmation.

Since the delivery of the shirts donated by the Fondazione Milan for the sports activities, Emilia has shown great enthusiasm for the sports proposal, despite her great difficulties in coordination and a strong sense of inadequacy.

Thanks to the small group work, however, she was able to find her space within the group and to live her relationship with herself and her companions in a serene way.

Emilia is happy to be able to take part in the lessons together with her classmates, and reminds us that for her Sport is everything, and she has managed, little by little, to change her outlook on life and to believe in her abilities and her dreams thanks to the Sport for All project.

Help us to create a society on a human scale, support Emilia and join our team!