Andrea and his great improvements | Sport for All

Andrea during training!

Andrea is 12 years old, a cheerful child, an attentive observer and, with people he trusts, a great talker. He has infantile autism, diagnosed at the age of 2: his family supports him in everything, but, once the “play-sport” age is over, they couldn’t find solutions to allow him to do motor activity. In 2020 Andrea joined the Sport for All project with its All Inclusive Sport, born from the synergy between Fondazione Milan and CSV Emilia in the Reggio Emilia area. 

“The strong point,” says his mother, “was finding a project that reconciled inclusion with peers and the presence of a dedicated tutor. Andrea wants to be with other children of his age, but he would not be able to do it alone. He needs certainty, confirmation, someone to explain the exercises exactly and to support him in difficult moments. Tristano, the All Inclusive Sport tutor, suggested athletics, a sport that we hadn’t initially considered, with the help of a tutor: the choice turned out to be a winner. Andrea always comes to training happy, whatever the weather, and sees the tutor as a reference point that makes him feel comfortable. It’s true that sometimes he cuts the field to avoid doing full laps, or that he doesn’t run as hard or as precisely as other children, but he is making great strides, also in his relationship with his teammates”.

I have seen great improvements in these months,” confirms his tutor, “both in social and sporting aspects. Before, he didn’t talk to anyone, but now he talks and interacts with both coaches and teammates

He is a fantastic boy,” adds the coach of Self Atletica Correggio, “he is always full of energy, he transmits a lot of energy. He is part of our group and we hope he will continue next year.

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