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Make Sport an engine of change to fight against social exclusion and discrimination.


Sport for Change is a project through which Fondazione Milan contributes to the fight against educational poverty, a phenomenon that is itself a cause of social exclusion and discrimination.

The main problems closely linked to educational poverty are juvenile deviance, i.e. minors in conflict with the law, and school dropout, phenomena that are growing rapidly in our country. It is therefore necessary to investigate and understand the needs and difficulties experienced by children from situations of hardship, in order to offer them adequate educational support and positive reference figures.

To this end, Fondazione Milan has chosen to collaborate with the Kayrós Association of Vimodrone, which hosts minors involved in criminal measures and individuals from situations of family and social distress in its community centres, with the aim of giving these children the hope of a better future.


The initiative, which uses sport as a tool for social change, has two main objectives:

  1. firstly, it aims to promote the growth, inclusion and socialization of the young guests of the Kayrós Communities through the practice of sports and, in particular, soccer. Secondly, the implementing partner of the project is committed to carrying out specific activities aimed at supporting and accompanying the search for employment and the consequent social reintegration of young adults hosted in the Communities.
  2. Secondly, the project intends to address one of the major difficulties that young people face once they have completed their course in Kayrós, namely the search for a job. Having a job, in fact, allows them not only to enjoy economic independence, but also to take the first step towards the definitive reintegration into society and, ultimately, into reality. Precisely for this reason, the association is committed to offering each young person personalized support aimed at discovering, or rediscovering, their talents and propensities, so that together they can begin to write their future.


The initiative is aimed at more than fifteen children and young adults, aged 14 to 21, Italians and foreigners, residing in Kayrós premises in Vimodrone and included in a specific educational program. Beneficiaries include subjects in conflict with the law and young people in situations of social or family hardship, considered at risk of school dropout.

It is planned to organize two training sessions per week, each lasting two hours, for a total of four hours per week. The sports and educational activities will be managed by two coaches/educators, supported by a project manager who will have the task of verifying and deepening the dynamics created within the group.


The activities of the Sport for Change project are carried out in close collaboration with Kayros Onlus. In particular we thank for the collaboration:

Kayròs ONLUS

Fondazione Milan

USSM (Ufficio Servizi Sociali Minorenni)

Servizi Sociali Comunali

Agenzia Formativa