Fondazione Milan for San Gerardo in Monza

Fondazione Milan alongside hospital excellence.

The S. Gerardo Hospital in Monza was missing from the list of nosocomials of excellence that in recent years Fondazione Milan has sought to support in order to improve health care for all citizens.


The Onlus rossonera has tried to fill this “gap” by donating to the Brianza hospital a state-of-the-art digital stroboscope, a tool for the research and treatment of diseases related to the vocal apparatus. The Otorhinolaryngology unit has therefore taken an important step forward in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of pathologies that until now have been difficult to treat. With the new stroboscope, thanks to its high-resolution camera, it will be easier to identify certain lesions that would otherwise not be visible and to analyse pathologies already present in the apparatus in question. It will also be possible to specifically help people with communication difficulties, thanks to the intervention of speech therapy specialists, to help those undergoing chemotherapy or patients suffering from dysphagia. The Fondazione Milan was represented by Malika Galliani and Daniele Massaro, members of the Fondazione Milan Board of Directors, who presented the new instrument to Prof. Renato Gaini, head of the department, and his staff.
Mrs Malika Galliani explained: ‘We are proud of this donation, which is one of the Foundation’s many projects. Our aim is always to do our best on a social level. The Milan family is very sensitive in this field, we try to do our best for those in need. It’s like a big puzzle: together we can do great things’.
Daniele Massaro, who is particularly attached to Monza, also had this to say: ‘I am from Monza, this city is my home, I have seen this hospital born and grow. It is never easy to see people who are not well, and especially children. Today I visited them and spent some time with them. The voice is very important for children and adults and we are proud of this donation with which we have been able to satisfy the department and the doctors. The stroboscope will be useful for everyone, especially the little ones, to detect vocal pathologies without instruments that are too invasive for them. Today’s donation is one of the many projects finalised by the Fondazione Milan, which never stops and always sets itself objectives in every ‘new football year’, just like the players in the team.