Florence: the new coach at BCK primary schools| Sport for Change

"Fondazione Milan has raised the hopes of many children"

At BCK primary school, Florence is the only female physical education teacher. She started at BCK as an English teacher, but has always had a passion for sports, which she has never been able to pass on to the young female students. As soon as she heard about this new initiative, she asked to be a coach to train the young girls. Florence is a single mom from Tororo, on the Kenyan border. When she was a kid, life wasn’t easy.

Florence: “My parents separated when we were young, my father re-married and we were left with our mother. Our father neglected us and our mother had to pick up with us. I stayed for a year at home when my brothers were taken to school, and to improve my health, I started to engage in different sports. Finally, my heart settled on football. I have played football for five years and I have the best memories from it. I am healthier, I have met different people, I have visited other districts of Uganda all due to sports. I love to support girls who engage in sports. By the way, I used to be very shy and to have myself engage with others freely it is all thanks to sports that has exposed me. Thanks to the Fondazione Milan Bishop Cipriano Kihanpire is one of the best equipped primary school football teams in Uganda. it is very heartwarminp to hear other schools askinp about our stride. Fondazione Milan has raised the hopes of many children. I am optimistic that in future we shall raise some of the national sports women for the country”.

Football and its educational potential, along with Fondazione Milan’s support, will help the students improve their mental and physical health, as well as their self-confidence and trust. Sport for Change offers the girls the space to show their talent, develop it and cultivate it. Throughout the year, a series of activities will be implemented to improve the lives of young female students at BCK, and Professor Florence will certainly be a positive role model.