8th March

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Help us plan better projects and build new opportunities for the most fragile and marginalised young people in Italy and around the world through sport.

International Women’s Day takes place on 8 March every year to commemorate both the social, economic and political achievements and the discrimination and violence to which women have been and are still subjected in all parts of the world.

On the occasion of this day, we would like to recall the commitment of Fondazione Milan which, together with Alice for Children, offers a wide range of support activities aimed at offering girls in the slums a safe place to grow up, far from the abuse and suffering associated with a culture deeply marked by inequality and gender violence.

At the heart of the Sport for Change programme is the conviction that sport can be the perfect tool to allow girls to become strong and independent women in the future: competition on the field will become a pretext to recognise their strength and their value, and then learn to fight for their rights and for a more inclusive society.

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