Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear User,
We would like to inform you, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 “Personal Data Protection Code” (hereinafter referred to as “Code”) that the information and data you provide will be processed in compliance with the principles laid out in this Code. In compliance with article 13 of the Code, we provide you with the following information.

1.    Purposes of processing

Your personal data will also be collected via the crowdfunding campaign and will be used for participation in the social solidarity campaign promoted by Fondazione Milan Onlus and put in place in collaboration with third parties. Milan Onlus may use the email coordinates provided to send out emails with information relative to new services and/or initiatives, similar to the fund-raising campaigns you have already supported.
The information gathered will also be used for fulfilment of legal obligations and regulations, linked to the activity itself.
We also inform you that, subject to your consent, your personal data may be used for:

-    institutional communication, with information communicated via email, telephone and postal services. At any time, you may express your preferences regarding methods used for commercial communication (refusing, for example, to receive communication via automated means).

-    the receipt of services and customised information about initiatives and projects, taking into consideration your habits and purchase and consumption choices.
The above activities may be carried out directly by Fondazione Milan Onlus or by third party companies operating under its control and to which your data may be communicated for the sole purpose of the aforesaid activities.
At any moment, you may refuse these communication services, free of charge, simply by clicking on the unsubscribe link when available or by writing to Fondazione Milan Onlus at the email given below.
With regard to data processing relative to activity on the website, with the exception of registration, please see their privacy policy.

Processing methods

Your personal data may be processed using paper, computer and IT tools and entered into pertinent databases. These may be accessed by operators authorised to consult, use, elaborate and compare the databases and data therein, or carry out any other opportune operations, including automation, while complying with the legislation necessary to guarantee, among other things, the confidentiality and security of said data, as well as correctness, updates and pertinence of the data for the declared purposes.
2.    Providing personal data

When data is provided, an asterisk (*) is used to indicate specific mandatory data fields; you are not obliged to provide any data in fields without an asterisk. Providing data is never mandatory, but refusal to provide the information requested may make it impossible for you to join the campaign or for other services to be fulfilled for which your consent is explicitly requested.
Your data will not be released to third parties without your explicit authorisation.

3.    Communication of data and disclosure context

Your data will be processed by Fondazione Milan Onlus personnel or by third parties required for the provision of services, authorised or responsible for processing. We also inform you that your data may be disclosed when this is necessary to ensure correct fulfilment of legal obligations towards Public Authorities and they may be processed in pursuit of a legitimate interest of the owner, for example, protection against scams as well as to enforce and defend a legal claim before a court.

4.    Data Controller and Managers and Rights of the data subject

The data controller is Fondazione Milan Onlus with registered offices in Milan, Via Aldo Rossi 8 – 20149, who may be contacted to request a list of the nominated processing managers.
Pursuant to art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, you have the right to know which of your personal data is being used, their origin, check their correctness or ask for them to be integrated or updated, or amended. You also have the right to request that any data processed in breach of the law be cancelled, transformed into anonymous format or blocked, as well as the right in any case and for legitimate reasons to refuse their processing and to modify previous consent. Requests must be sent by email to

Cookie Policy

1. As owner of the personal data treatment, Fondazione Milan Onlus adopted the present disclosure in order to inform the users about the use of cookies on this website.

Cookies are small text strips of code sent by the website to its terminal, where they are collected to be sent back to the website when the user comes for a second time.

Those information may indicate the user or the device used to connect to the Internet (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and are used to adequate the website to the user’s expectations, offering an improved navigation experience registering the previous choices.


2. Cookies are intended for different purposes: online authentications, sessions monitoring, memorization of specific software configurations regarding server accessing users, etc.

Below, you can know more about the different ways we use cookies. If you want, you can prevent all or part cookie saving. However, in that case the website navigation and services provided may be compromised.

The website uses technical cookies only.

Technical cookies are used only to communicate on electronic networks and/or to provide a service explicitly requested by the user (according to "art. 122, comma 1, del Codice della Privacy").

Those cookies are needed for a correct website functioning; without those cookies we could not provide the services requested by the user.

Technical cookies are not used for further reasons and are not installed by the owner or the website administrator, nor third party operators (infra sub § 5).

Technical cookies may be:

- navigation and session cookies, that guarantee the standard navigation of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or to authenticate to access reserved areas);

- cookies analytics, assimilated to technical cookies when used exclusively to gather information, in aggregated form, about the number of users and about their visit the website. Those cookies allow to know the way the users navigate the website, in order to improve its functioning. For example, they allow to know which pages are less frequently visited. They also take into account, among others, the number of visitors and the time they spent on the website. In that way, we gather information about the quality of the navigation provided. All the information collected by cookies are anonymous and not linked to the user’s personal data;

- functionality cookies, that allow the user a navigation according to selected parameters (for example: language, selected products for purchase) in order to provide a better service.

The website does not use profiling cookies.


3. The website uses third party cookies

During the navigation, the user may receive on its terminal cookies sent by websites and web servers other than our own (the so called third party cookies), those ones various elements (such  as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to other domains pages) may reside on the website the user is visiting in that moment. Specially, on the website there are Google Analytics cookies (

Third party cookies residing on the website are exclusively technical cookies.


4. It is possible to modify cookie transmission and block the installation, for example modifying browser settings to block some of them.