Nafeesa and her new journey – Sport for Change

From Milan to Kerala to provide a new path for growth to students at Farook College

Nafeesa was overjoyed! After years of dedication and passion for football, she finally saw her dream come true. The inauguration ceremony of the collaboration between Gruppo India and Fondazione Milan and the distribution of jerseys at Farook College brought an incredible energy among the students.

Thanks to the support of the foundation and their partner, the red-and-black BitMEX, the young students at the school would be able to take part in an important sports program where sports would be a crucial part of their growth and development, not only in terms of mental health and physical fitness but also in terms of relationships.

Nafeesa couldn’t believe that she would finally have the opportunity to train better with her teammates. With the help of her coaches, Nafeesa stepped onto the field with a different enthusiasm, ready to push herself even harder during training to improve her technical and tactical skills.

Nafeesa is grateful for this collaboration because, over time, she has noticed significant improvements in her game. Her passes are more accurate, her speed on the field has increased, and she has learned new tactics to read the game. School competitions are a challenge to test her skills and strengthen her determination. Besides the technical aspects, Nafeesa knows that she is also learning a lot in terms of relationships.

Thanks to the support of the red-and-black partners like BitMEX, the Fondazione Milan is able to spread the positive values of sports in different corners of the world, such as this school in Kerala, India. Support the foundation’s activities too; a small gesture can support the dreams of many young people marginalized by society.