Moustapha: a story of inclusion and solidarity – Sport for Change

Moustapha becomes part of a big family

Moustapha, a 7-year-old boy with surprising energy that makes him seem older than he really is, is always out with his three older brothers and cousin looking for a ball and a place to play.

He lives with his mother, who is originally from Senegal, and who tries to take care of him in the few moments when she is not at work, but he often finds himself alone with older boys.

The family’s economic situation does not allow his mother to enroll him in any sports or recreational activities, but thanks to the support of Fondazione Milan’s Sport for Change program, Moustapha has been included in the first football team.

This has changed his life, allowing him to spend moments of joy and enthusiasm with other children his age, and also to participate in the training sessions of the older “Big Small” team.

Moustapha now attends two training sessions per week and is getting ready to debut in the spring championships in Milan. This has not only given him the opportunity to practice a sport he loves but also allowed him to become part of a big family that takes care of him.

The parents of the other players on the team have offered to pick him up and drop him off for away games, demonstrating great solidarity and generosity. Therefore, we can say that thanks to this support, Moustapha has moved from a difficult situation to a situation of inclusion and belonging to a community.

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