Milano Marathon 2022 – #AssistperMilano

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Let's make an #AssistperMilano together!


Fondazione Milan is back on track with an #AssistperMilano!

“ASSIST” consists of a series of social welfare initiatives through which Fondazione Milan is committed on a daily basis to guarantee its contribution and support to the community, and in particular to the most vulnerable and needy. Following the economic support offered to the Milan Food Hubs, Fondazione Milan has renewed and extended its social commitment to the “Neighbourhood Hubs against Food Waste” project, contributing to the renovation of the spaces for the fourth hub in the Gallaratese district, in zone 8 in Milan, which will become operational in July 2021.

By taking part in the Milano Marathon, we want to continue to support the Food Hub which, in addition to collecting and distributing meals for the most deprived, has become a meeting place for many people, especially mothers and children in the neighbourhood.


The route will begin and end at the Indro Montanelli Gardens. Each member of the relay team will cover a distance of between 7 and 13 km, passing the baton to their teammate at one of the changeover points.

Participation is open to teams of 4 (minimum age 16). All participants must have a medical certificate for non-competitive sports activities.

Fondazione Milan will collect registrations no later than March 18th, so all you have to do is contact the staff who will follow the runners for every step necessary for registration through the following channels:
– 02 62284522

There is a minimum donation for registration of 50 euros per person (200 euros per relay): these contributions will support the daily activities of the Food Hub.

Registered runners will receive the following gifts

  • Race Pectoral
  • Milan Marathon Kit
  • The Fondazione Milan kit

In addition, they will be able to enjoy all the services offered at the meeting and refreshment point at the end of the race.

Fondazione Milan has decided to award a prize to the fastest and most generous relay team, that is, the one that has collected the most donations through the activation of a Personal Fundraising page on Rete del Dono.

In the days following the competition, a meeting and party will be organised at the Hub Alimentare where the prize-giving of the two relays will also take place.

Those who will not be able to be there on 3 April will have the opportunity to compete with Run Anywhere, an App that allows enthusiasts to form their own teams and run and support their favourite Charity; the runs will be tracked with the dedicated App or with a GPS device, and uploaded to the event portal.


With the Relay Marathon, we want to continue to support needs that arise on a daily basis, in particular:

-the personal services dedicated to teenage mothers with the weekly distributions;
-the kinder space which gives children a new opportunity;
-the training courses held in the training room.


The initiative will support families and children in difficulty. The increase in the rate of poverty, and of the so-called ‘new poor’, the accentuation of social inequalities and the fall in the employment rate of women, which in turn has led to a decrease in the income of families, and in particular those with children and minors, is a source of great concern.

The situation therefore requires greater social compromise in support of families and children, and this is why the Fondazione Milan has been involved in the creation of the fourth food hub in the city of Milan, dedicated to them.



This ASSIST project activity is part of the Milan Food Policy programme in which they participate:

Comune di Milano

Fondazione Milan

Politecnico di Milano


Fondazione Cariplo