Mission Playground – Milan

To donate a place of gathering and entertainment to the youth of the northern suburbs of Milan.


To donate a meeting and entertainment space to over 500 young people from the northern outskirts of Milan and become an essential point of reference for their families. This is the mission that has seen Fondazione Milan, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, the Municipality of Milan, Sport and Health, FIGC, the Davide Astori Association, and the Aquilone Foundation join forces to create Spazio Fontanelli, a refurbished multisport field within a green area of Municipality 9 in Milan dedicated to the memory of Davide Astori, who was always sensitive to social issues and the right of every child to play their own game.


The inauguration of Spazio Fontanelli represents for each of the involved entities a special moment of celebration, a unique opportunity for virtuous cooperation between public and private entities to achieve a common goal.

For Fondazione Milan, it signifies a strengthening of the Assist: Mission Playground project, aimed at providing young people with a structured and positive environment in which to learn values such as respect, inclusion, loyalty, and collaboration.


The primary beneficiaries are the over 500 young people from the northern outskirts of Milan and their families.

  • Fondazione Milan
  • Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali
  • Comune di Milano
  • Sport e Salute
  • FIGC
  • Associazione Davide Astori
  • Fondazione Aquilone