The project put in place by Fondazione Milan accompanies NEETs in their personal and professional lives.


The problem surrounding the NEET is a complex one. The level of education in the country is still a long way off the target set by the Europa2020 strategy and even the number of students carrying on with higher education is low compared to other European states. 

This category also includes young people, who would like to look for work but have either been discouraged or lack the necessary skills and so have given up, and also young people who are finding it impossible to return to work (like young mother with small children). Considering the current economic climate, being out of the education system or unemployed can lead to a form of social eclusion that can have after effects on the rest of ones life.

Our answer to this is the project ‘Lavoro di Squadra’. The project was created with the aim of helping young NEETs by offering:
- a free course involving development of motor neuron skills and sports and motivational training through a Case Manager
- an orientation course and professional counselling

Practicing sport in particular, if taught correctly, can be an excellent tool in rebuilding confidence and bringing about the reintegration into society as it improves self confidence, develops a team building process and generates the drive in a person to set and achieve goals. Sport, thus, acts as a motor in pushing a young person to reactivate themselves towards better prospects and a work related environment.

Sporting and motivational component
The sports activities, carried out at the Vismara Centre (where the Milan Youth Sector play), will be coordinated and managed by Milan Foundation, taking advantage of the technical and educational experience of the Milan Academy. The motivational training carried out by the Case Manager consists of building a project to improve the general situation of an individual through actions and techniques that will help young people rediscover their self esteem and motivation in finding a job, in finding voluntary work or to reacquaint themselves with the education system.

Career Coaching
The career counselling helps to pick out an individual profession or educational project. The course will use specific instruments and methodologies (individual and group meetings, advice and chaperoning to work) in support of actions that will develop a professional project based on the individual needs and resourses of each participant.

The young adults involved
The project will reach out to 30 young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 all living in zone 5 of the Milan area, one of the poorest of the Lombardy region. The activities will be based at Gratosoglio, from training at the Vismara to seminars and meetings in Via Saponara 20 which the council has very kindly made available.
Between March and September ten youngsters carried out a series sports and motivational training sessions. Two of those ten will resume their studies and with the aim of finishing their diplomas, others are being assisted in the search for jobs while the youngest, who are experiencing a working environment for the first time, are preparing themselves for their first interviews.

A second group of youngsters between the ages of 16 and 20, will start the same process in October. Registration is now open.
The partners
The project ‘Lavoro di Squadra’ has been made made possible thanks to the collaboration with ActionAid, an international organisation that works to wipe out poverty, famine and injustice in over 50 countries, with thousands of communities and the help of millions of people all over the world. ActionAid promotes human rights by strengthening groups, communities and charities around the world by calling for changes in the way national and international institutions act, from companies to organisations in society. Click here
Another fundamental component is the contribution of AXA Cuori in Azione, the charity organisation of the AXA Insurance Group that has been working to help people in need for over 20 years. Click here