Kanzy: Sharing and Freedom – Sport for Change

A journey of transformation and growth through football

Kanzy is a bright young girl, she is 11 years old and has been playing football with Yousport for two years on the recommendation of a teacher from her middle school. We are extremely proud to have her with us,” says one of the educators from YouSport, a project of the Sport for Change program supported by the Fondazione Milan.

Kanzy is a lively girl, born in Milan, but her roots go much further: both of her parents are originally from Egypt, which is why falafel is her favorite dish.

Her sister is also on the Yousport field, and they always arrive together for training. Kanzy helps and supports her sister both on and off the field. It’s one of her great qualities.

Technically, she has made a lot of progress. She says she has learned three new skills: dribbling without dropping the ball, running with her head held high, and passing the ball even when she wants to do everything on her own. She hasn’t decided yet whether she prefers to play in midfield, on the wing, or in the attack, but we are certain that she wouldn’t like to play in defense.

Kanzy loves being outdoors, adores her coaches, and shouts with joy every time she scores a goal. For her, stepping onto the field means not having to think about what’s happening outside and focusing solely on the ball.

She is always ready to give her best, always has a kind word for everyone, and is reliable and generous. We can’t wait to start a new season with her. Sharing and freedom are the keywords for Kanzy.

Thanks to the Sport for Change program by the Fondazione Milan, Kanzy has experienced remarkable change. She has developed greater self-confidence, learned to work as a team, and overcome personal challenges. Her involvement with Yousport has allowed Kanzy to grow not only as a football player but also as a young woman, opening up new perspectives for her future.”