Sport Si Può project

Providing disabled children in the Varese area with access to sporting activities. This project is supported by Fondazione Milan’s benefactor Bruno Dominici.


The programme

The Sport Si Può project has been backed and financed by the Province of Varese for almost twenty years. The initiative provides swimming courses for disabled students from infant schools within our territory. These activities are held during school hours, with the collaboration of their support tutors and educators. Over the last two decades, we’ve enabled approximately 1,800 disabled pupils’ access to sporting activities. 6 swimming pools, 14 municipalities, 43 primary and middle schools, 3 centres for disabled adults, 190 users, and 32 specialised instructors, for a total of 100 days of lessons and 234 sessions in water, from January to June. Figures that prove the importance of this kind of project.

How we help

The 2012 initiative also saw the active participation of Fondazione Milan, thanks to the generous donation of Bruno Dominici, a member of the technical staff at A.C. Milan. This concrete contribution of Fondazione Milan, has enabled us to reach out to children suffering from very serious illnesses, who require the 1-on-1 support of instructors and sometimes even 2-on-1 support during water activities.

Schools that take part in the Fondazione Milan project can provide their pupils with a unique experience with qualified and skilled instructors, improving their quality of life, which in turn enhances their overall physical and emotional wellbeing. In order to realise this innovative and unique project, we have built an important network of people and organisations, which have been specifically selected to reach these objectives. One of the most important members of the project is POLHA Varese, a sporting association for disabled people.