The different backgrounds and situations of life of the participants make the team work challenging and enriching for all.


One child out of 10 in Milan has a high risk of school drop-out before the end of middle school. In particular, the city of Milan calculated a Risk Dispersion Index that for Zone 5 results to be of 10,24%, on a city average of 9,71%. This zone has an average of one middle school every 596 students (2015/2016).

Gratosoglio is a neighbourhood of Milan in which most of the population lives a situation of social unrest caused by poverty. This situation often causes families not to support and encourage their children during their studying career and this leads to an higher risk of scholastic dispersion. Gratosoglio is a multi ethnical neighbourhood where several families come from various and different backgrounds and struggle to integrate with  the local community.


Sport for Change consists in two weekly appointments managed by a coach, a professional educator and a psychologist. Each component of the staff has different responsibilities:  the coach programs and manages the sport activities, organizing trainings on the field according to the competences and abilities of the participants; the professional educator supports the coach in the management of the dynamics of the group and in the relationships with the teenagers; the psychologist supervises the activities and organises individual meetings with the participants and with their families.

The training sessions take place every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon at Vismara and last four hours. During the year are also planned recreational and artistic laboratories, proposed in base of the needs of the group, with the objective to strengthen the autonomy and to allow every participant to express his own abilities and potential.


The direct beneficiaries are 13 boys, between 12 and 16 years old, coming from Sri Lanka, Egypt, Italy, Dominican Republic and El Salvador.  The different backgrounds and situations of life of the participants make the team work more difficult but surely challenging and enriching for all. Some of the teenagers are already followed by the social services because they live in difficult conditions and are unaccompanied minors. Others have a high risk of school drop-out.


Social Services Zona 5 of Milan
Fondazione Don Gnocchi – Minors day center
Cooperativa sociale Impronta Onlus