Special Soccer Camp 2019

Promoting social inclusion through sports thanks to the integration of disabled children along with able-bodied kids | Supporting who is living hard times in a troubled environment


In 2019, the Special Soccer Camp initiative has reached its seventh edition and aims to promote social inclusion through sport.
In these years we have enriched the experience of interation for different kind of people: we support the integration of disabled children within the Milan Junior Camp together with other children with typical development; the camps are offered to young people in difficult situations, think of the boys from Amatrice and L’Aquila; from this year the Special Camps have been enriched thanks to the Christmas Special Camp in Milan, organized during the Christmas holidays, in support of young people temporarily removed from their families.

Special camps are a great opportunity for young players to meet and grow, who can experience a new vision of sport and skills together, in particular thanks to the universal language of football. The experience of the camp also helps children to increase their autonomy and organizational and social skills.


In our country, there are 85,000 pupils with disabilities in primary school and around 65,000 in secondary school: the number of these children engaged in some sporting activity is dramatically low. The proper facilities are missing and often the coaches are not trained to handle the different issues. Even more serious is the lack of information on the services present on the territory and the lack of awareness of the rehabilitative and educational function of sports in the treatment of pathologies.

These factors, coupled with the limited disposable income of households, often divert children with disabilities from sports, including, among others, a growth and socialisation experience, increasing the risk of isolation.

The Special Camps are also an opportunity for those who are in situations of hardship caused by natural disasters, or to family difficulties, and can live a moment of leisure playing sports, benefiting from it.


The Special Soccer Camp 2019 take place between June and July in:

Milan – Cimiano in collaboration with Progetto Aita

San Martino al Cimino in collaboration with Progetto Aita

Cagliari in collaboration with Fare Contatto

Amatrice thanks to the municipality of Amatrice and ASD Amatrice

L’Aquila with the ‘Punto Luce’ of Save the Children and UISP

From 2020 in Milan, during the Christmas holidays, with CAF