Sport as a means for education and development – Naples

Fondazione Milan together with the Associazione Polisportiva Europa (European Multisport Club Association) in Naples to combat early school leaving.


The “Associazione Polisportiva Europa” of Naples is the head of an initiative that seeks to limit the risk of abandoning school, by offering those affected in the Sanità neighbourhood an alternative to the streets and a place to support and help them in their education and personal development.

The Sanità neighbourhood is one of the most well-known and historic in the city; its location is characterised by isolation and precariousness. Due to a lack of suitable facilities for social and sporting activities and the high level of unemployment, the youths are unable to identify with a strong sense of cultural belonging. In fact, it provides fertile territory for petty crimes and misbehaviour of which youths above all are involved in.

The programme is aimed at those at risk from the ages of 6 to 20 years of age. Each person is offered an educational programme that, based on their age, foresees the use of sporting workshops- with education on nutrition taught by specialists- and professional training: arts and crafts and pottery classes. Playing sport and taking part in the aforementioned activities represents a real opportunity for the participants to develop personal and relationship skills, as well as new knowledge and material that can be used in the school system as credits for secondary education.

The other associations involved – “Associazione La tenda”, “Associazione centro di solidarietà”, “Associazione Portofranco”, I.P.M. – boast strong roots in the social fabric of the neighbourhood and experience in the education and provision of sporting activities for youths and minors. The collaboration between schools, non-profit entities and sports associations, has given life to an educational programme that values the practicing of sport as an essential element of personal development. The carrying out of the programme is focused on giving value to a complete person through education in all forms: emotive, cognitive, social and physical.