Neighborhood Hub – Municipality 8

Fondazione Milan and Banco BPM support young mothers in need


As part of its Assist program, which aims to generate positive impact in communities through the power of sport, Fondazione Milan strengthens its commitment in partnership with Banco BPM to support initiatives that benefit vulnerable and marginalized individuals who use the services provided by the Hub Spazio Indifesa, made available by the Municipality of Milan in Via Appennini. In particular, this support will assist young mothers in need, providing them with 360-degree support.


Fondazione Milan and Banco BPM will specifically support the activities of a psychological counseling center, a legal assistance center, and a job inclusion service promoted by Terre des Hommes and SAGA (Service for Accompanying Parenthood in Adolescence) of the San Paolo and San Carlo hospitals in Milan. The center also regularly offers services such as counseling for women victims of violence. Additionally, weekly deliveries of food and baby products will be provided


The project is aimed at young adolescent mothers who live in the neighborhood near the Hub in Via Appennini.

  • Fondazione Milan
  • Banco BPM
  • Terre des Hommes Onlus
  • Comune di Milano
  • Food Policy di Milano
  • SAGA (Servizio di Accompagnamento alla Genitorialità in Adolescenza)