Fondazione Milan in the Community: “The rules” with G. Zambrotta and F. Rizza

The testimonies of Federica Rizza and Gianluca Zambrotta in front of the students of the Scuola Media "M. Buonarroti" of Olgiate Comasco

The rule helps to grow (and to win). This was the theme of the new meeting that is part of the “Fondazione Milan in the Community” programme. The protagonists of the fourth appointment of the initiative promoted by Fondazione Milan and VITA were the more than 350 students of the “U. Saba” Middle School in Olgiate Comasco, in the province of Como, who this morning listened to the testimonies of two special guests: the defender of the Rossoneri women’s first team Federica Rizza and the glory Gianluca Zambrotta.

The audience inside the Olgiate Comasco gymnasium listened carefully to the words of the two “rossoneri” guests who answered first to the moderator’s solicitations and then to the curiosities and questions of the boys, result of the work done with the teachers during the past weeks.

The debate allowed the proposed theme to be developed in depth, offering much food for thought for the students, talking about the importance of rules at school, in life and in sport.

Federica Rizza focused on respect for the rules as a form of responsibility: “We certainly have to respect the rules ourselves, but we also have to enforce them. If one of our teammates goes off the rails, we can be the ones to help him understand that he is making a mistake. This is also our task, not just that of educators, teachers or coaches. Rizza also added that “rules are not always easy to understand, sometimes they can appear to us as limitations. However, if we stop and think about them for a few minutes, we understand that they help us grow as people and as better sportsmen and women.

Gianluca Zambrotta also touched on the subject of sacrifice: “Respecting the rules also means making sacrifices. When, however, you reach the set goals, the satisfaction is even greater. Of course you can make mistakes in your school career, as well as in your sports career, but it is important to learn from them in order to improve. Those who never make mistakes do not mean that they are perfect, but perhaps that they do not act out of fear of making mistakes.