An Unexpected Gift – Sport for Change

Sport is a powerful vehicle for spreading joy among the youth, promoting self-esteem, and fostering a healthy environment for growth.

From the Vice Principal of the school to the students, everyone was overwhelmed with happiness when they received the sports equipment donated by the Fondazione Milan, together with AC Milan Women and PUMA. Here are their words: 

Santa, Vice Principal of the primary school: “Fondazione Milan continues to amaze us! It’s heartwarming to see their commitment to the Sport for Change project at Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School. Once again, we received high-quality sports materials, a gift that brought happiness to our boys and girls. The Sport for Change project is the beating heart of our school, and we will do our best to keep it alive and make it an essential part of our educational journey.” 

Coach Alex: “In these days, I’ve noticed tremendous excitement in both the boys and girls when it comes to football. As a sports teacher, it’s the first time I’ve seen so much love and interest from children in this activity. The Fondazione Milan’s initiative is truly unique and will greatly help in promoting well-being and positivity among our youth. Thank you for the beautiful jerseys and valuable sports materials.” 

Viola, under 14 student: “Growing up, my mother was always very concerned about me playing football. When I told her that I had joined the team, she got scared, but when she saw my results, she was surprised. She said that football requires a lot of time and dedication, but I explained to her that our coaches advise us to find a balance between play and study. When she saw the pictures with the new shoes and jerseys, she was very happy. Thanks to the Fondazione Milan, I’m loving my school and football even more.” 

Priscilla, under 12 student: “Thank you, Fondazione Milan, for this surprise! Our uniforms are the best, and the jerseys you gave us are really beautiful. Thank you for taking care of us!” 

Through the collaboration with Fondazione Italia Uganda, the Fondazione Milan continues to support young Ugandans at the BCK school, bringing happiness through sports and its values. The “Sport for Change” program aims to offer new opportunities to young people who would otherwise live in difficult and hopeless circumstances.