Dois Toques – Rio de Janeiro

Making sport an engine for change and a tool for combating educational poverty.


The Gol de Letra Foundation, which has been active in Brazil since 1998, is committed to accompanying the growth of children and young people, offering them school, educational and work support, in tandem with cultural, recreational and sports activities. The organisation also aims to provide concrete assistance to the development and growth of local communities, through joint action with schools, teachers, families, workers and third sector organisations. Fondazione Milan supports an educational programme for young people in the Caju neighbourhood of Rio de Janiero, where they can practice various types of sports and cultural activities for their personal and social growth.


The Gol de Letra Foundation carries out its socio-assistance mission in areas characterised by strong social and economic inequality, an aspect that is sadly characteristic of Brazilian society as a whole. This means that, especially in the most populous states and metropolitan cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, many children and adolescents grow up without an adequate system of educational, cultural and recreational support, a lack that then translates into limited opportunities for personal and collective development and growth.

For this reason, Gol de Letra is committed to offering the most vulnerable young people support activities aimed at guaranteeing them a proper education, enabling them to cultivate their talents and interests, as well as to develop greater independence and social awareness. Sport, in particular, is an integral part of the identity and mission of the organisation, which is committed to promoting its educational, social and psychophysical benefits. Sport is therefore a real tool for social change at individual and collective level. In this regard, the project aims to intervene on the community, as well as on the individual, so as to accompany the growth of the youngest with paths that use sport, in various forms, and culture as educational tools.


Direct beneficiaries of the initiative are 250 young people, aged 6 to 17, living in the Caju neighbourhood in Rio de Janiero. The youngsters will be able to enjoy a higher quality and quantity of sports facilities for them, without any distinction of race, origin, gender, ability or socio-economic background.

Indirect beneficiaries are the approximately 200 people involved in implementing the activities.

Fundação Gol de Letra 

Fondazione Milan  

Public schools in the Caju district

VX May Social Assistance Reference Center 

Municipal Health Center Dr. Fernando Antônio Braga Lopes