Davide recounts “My Dream” – Sport for Change

A challenging project that helps more and more girls overcome the difficulties they face in everyday life.

It has been a year since Alice For Children was declared the winner of the “From Milan to the World” contest, and Davide, who coordinated the on-site activities in the early stages, wanted to share his experience.

“My Dream is a challenging project that has allowed us to connect different realities within the slums, bringing together schools and girls who didn’t know each other. It has given us the opportunity to expand our scope, reaching other areas of the slums. We have formed partnerships with institutions we had never collaborated with before, and we want to continue carrying out activities with all these schools.

Thanks to Fondazione Milan, we have been able to grow the project and all the people involved. The support we have received has won over everyone, from the benefiting girls to the teachers and coaches who enthusiastically embraced all the new proposals.

In November 2022, a delegation from Italy visited us, including Benedetto, a Fundraiser from Fondazione Milan, who brought several prizes for the girls. On that occasion, a football tournament was organized, where the teams from the My Dream project competed.

It was a very emotional moment for me, and I believe it was the same for the girls who are eagerly looking forward to participating in more tournaments. The presence of the Rossoneri foundation allowed them to perceive the work behind all of this.

The value of this project is to allow the girls to be together, with their supporters and fans, playing in a small stadium overlooking the Dandora landfill.”

Speaking about the work done by Davide and the team to carry out the project, he says:

“Setting up this project in the slums was a challenge. It took some time to make the local collaborators understand the seriousness and importance we attach to this project. Building the field, stands, and dressing rooms was not easy. There were initial difficulties, but we overcame them well.

I had the opportunity to interact with people and realities I didn’t know, proposing activities different from those we usually carry out at Alice Village. We had to build relationships, organize work schedules, and define the goals to be achieved. Now, I am happy to say that the project has reached stability, and there is the possibility to expand the number of schools involved to help more and more girls overcome the difficulties they face in their daily lives.

It has been a beautiful experience that has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. Nairobi has been my home for the past three years, and with the girls, we have been able to create a strong bond. They have grown a lot, and I believe the project has had a significant impact on them.

I have worked to ensure the project’s stability in the coming years, and I can only thank Fondazione Milan for this opportunity.”