On skates, Asiya expresses herself | Sport for All

Sport taught Asiya how to communicate

Since Asiya was 3 years old, she’s never wanted to get off the skates. She is talented, has fun and feels (and looks) beautiful in her competition dress.

For the first time, she performed her choreography alone in front of a big crowd in Rimini, without her coach’s help. Her parents were very proud. Due to Asiya’s autism spectrum disorder, skating gives her a lot of self-esteem and confidence because she succeeds well at what she does.

Asiya was taken in by ASD Astra Skate Val d’Enza when she was five years old, but she struggled to maintain attention, relate, and communicate. In 2021, All Inclusive Sport, with the support of Fondazione Milan and Sport for All, introduced her to tutor Caterina, an experienced educator, and progress was evident within a year.

Asiya learned all the names of the exercises and the corresponding movements through workout after workout. In the same way, lesson after lesson, she got to know each of the girls skating with her and compare herself to them. With many small moments of sport, she slowly built a tangible relationship with each of her partners, recognizing their unique characteristics, respecting their fears, and recognizing their technical limitations. Despite verbal difficulties, there’s a climate of affection, respect, and support.

The constant practice of skating in an inclusive situation has allowed Asiya to gradually shorten the distance from a context that would otherwise have remained alien to her. This has brought the team two great values: the joy of learning to communicate beyond words and the awareness of each child’s uniqueness.

Just like Asiya, Fondazione Milan supports the dreams of many kids every day. Earlier this year, BitMEX joined the cause and helped the Rossoneri non-profit organization discover their talent.