Alice For Children – Nairobi

The "My Dream" project, promoted by Alice For Children, continues for the 2023-2024 season, providing girls from the slums of Nairobi with an opportunity to pursue their dreams.


In continuity with the initiatives introduced in 2021, Fondazione Milan continues to support young girls in Nairobi who are deeply passionate about football and sports. In a context where their suffering often goes unheard, sports emerge as the perfect tool to restore their dignity and respect, making them protagonists, both on and off the field, in a sports and social battle.

Alice for Children, an association active for 15 years in the slums of Nairobi, is committed to accompanying the growth of 2500 children. They are provided with educational and medical support, food, and clothing. Through dedicated efforts and the construction of schools and orphanages, children are rescued from the vicious cycle of child labor, ensuring them a basic education. In the educational and growth journey of the children, sports play a crucial role, not only restoring the carefree nature of childhood but also keeping them away from contexts of violence, abuse, and exploitation.


The socio-educational intervention includes an extensive program of support activities aimed at providing girls from the slums with a safe place to grow, away from abuses and the suffering associated with a culture deeply marked by inequality and gender violence.

At the core of the initiative is the belief that sports, in tandem with educational and psychological support activities, can be the perfect tool to empower girls to become strong and independent women in the future. The competition on the field will become a pretext for recognizing their own strength and value, and learning to advocate for their rights and for a more inclusive society.


The project benefits more than 1300 girls aged 10 to 18, specifically adolescents or pre-adolescents living in the slums of Dandora and Korogocho who attend the association’s partner schools.

Alice for Children

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