The Asha Bhavan Centre, based in Kolkata, is joining the contest through its educational and rehabilitative activities designed for children, and girls in particular, with disabilities, whose lives are characterised by both economic and educational poverty, and exclusion from the life of their community. Through an all-around assistance, the association aims to give them back the right to sport and health.

Asha Bhavan Centre

The Asha Bhavan Centre offers medical attention to the young residents of the Centre through rehabilitation therapies that aim to mitigate the effects of their conditions and enhance their psychomotor skills. Thanks to a highly qualified team of physiotherapists, speech therapists and teachers, the Centre based in Khatila – which also includes a school – offers special education and training to girls with disabilities and their families, in an attempt to help them find their place in society. Sport contributes a lot to the Centre’s rehabilitative mission: the sporting offer includes multiple sports disciplines, such as football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, badminton and wheelchair sports.

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