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A defibrillator in all high schools in Milan

Fondazione Milan and Milan’s Local Education Offices together to enhance health and safety in schools.

The context
In Italy, approximately 70,000 people die of heart attack every day, an event that can be avoided, most of the times, if detected in time.
The project's aim is to save as many lives as possible in case of a cardiac arrest, through the distribution of a defibrillator in schools

Objective: a defibrillator in every school in Milan!
Everyone is aware of the fact that to prevent the worst after a cardiac arrest, a C.P.R. could often be enough. The chances of surviving a heart attack are relevantly higher if in addition to C.P.R there is also a defibrillator.
Fondazione Milan's aim is to give each and every school in Milan a defibrillator and to train staff on its correct use.
Milan’s Education Offices, after Fondazione Milan's feedback, have sent a letter to every high school in the city.
As of now, 10 schools have replied, while others will soon take this opportunity.

Help us contribute to making our schools healthier and safer. There's still a lot to be done!

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