Sport for Change Napoli: we are starting again!

Fondazione Milan supports children at risk of school drop-outs, between 8 and 12 years of age, living in the "Quartieri Spagnoli" area of Naples

Also this year Sport for Change, the charity project managed by Fondazione Milan, is taking place in Naples and this year it’s moving to the "Quartieri Spagnoli" area.

The idea of Sport to Change is to support young people at risk of dropping out of school, promoting their integration through sport and personal growth. Its activities are possible thanks to the collaboration with SSD Europa, Associazione Fhenix and the Sport Councillor’s department of the Municipality of Naples. 

In the past we’ve seen how early school leaving, discrimination and social exclusion have been reduced thanks to Sport for Change activities, bringing a real change in the lives of the children we’ve met.

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