Fondazione Milan: from football to rugby

Fondazione Milan launched the workshop involving the teenagers of Sport for Change Corvetto, for the respect for all the opponents

Reaching the goal. In sport, as well as in life. This is the goal of the Rugby lab launched today, engaging the teenagers of Sport for Change Corvetto, one of the main organizations involved in Fondazione Milan project that works with teenagers at risk of early school leaving.

There are many reasons that push many teenagers to lose their way, to leave school in the background and to take potentially dangerous paths. Sport and its values are an effective tool to help them regain confidence in themselves and in adults.

At the beginning of the season the teenagers started the activities with weekly football training, followed by coaches and tutors. Today there is a new challenge: discovering a new sport. Rugby is a sport where physical contact is ever present, but at the same time it is one of the sports where respect for the opponents is an essential element, the ultimate goal of the project.

The training sessions will be held by two coaches from the club Rugby Milano at the Parish Medaglia Miracolosa. The last meeting will be held at the Curioni Sports Center, home of the Rugby club, where the Sport 4 Change teenagers will be able to train with the Club’s champions.

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