"Sport4All" celebrations at the PlayMore! Centre

The season will start in September, with plenty of sporting activities on offer

More than 400 kids, both with and without disabilities, were present at the ‘Playmore!’ Training Centre this morning. Playing altogether, they tested themselves in eight different sporting disciplines, including football, tennis, beach volleyball, fencing, basketball and many others. These activities will continue throughout the 2019-20 season, starting once again in September.

This morning of sporting fun was a great closing party for ‘Sport4All’ – a Milan Foundation programme. It was achieved together with the non-profit organisation ‘PlayMore!’ and sponsored by Milan Council, with the aim of promoting social inclusion and access to sports for those with disabilities.

Following the event, Franco Baresi, Brand Ambassador for Milan and face of the Milan Foundation, and Rocco Giorgianni, General Secretary of the Milan Foundation were both interviewed, together with ‘Playmore!' President Luigi De Micco.

The Milan Foundation is continuing its work to support projects based around social inclusion,” said Franco Baresi. “Sport is an extraordinary tool with which we can break down any barrier and eliminate prejudice.”

This phase of experimentation was a great success for us,” said Rocco Giorgianni, regarding the first two months of experimentation. “You can see that by how many people turned out this morning: seeing so many people altogether, without prejudice of any sort is the biggest win. The possibility to practice sport is, for us, the best way to teach young people about social inclusion and respect. Today’s celebration is a starting point to continue our commitment to ‘Sport4All’.”

We’ve achieved something fantastic over the past few months,” said Luigi de Micco. “Offering the chance, for those both with and without disabilities, to enjoy sport, have fun and build new friendships – while also showing off their skills. This is the best thing that Sport4All has managed to promote.”

A number of other key figures also highlighted the social value of the project, including Milan’s Sports Councillor Roberta Guaineri, together with her colleague Anna De Censi, President of Municipio 9 Giuseppe Lardieri, Lombardy’s Councillor for Social Policy, Housing and Disability Stefano Bolognini and Lombardy’s Sports Councillor Martina Cambiaghi. Also in attendance was the Rossoneri legend Massimo Ambrosini who has always shown a keen interest in Fondazione Milan’s work.

There were also many other associations present during these celebrations to conclude the first phase, including a combination of 20 organisations from ASD and ONLUS. Come September, when the new ‘Sport4All’ season will begin, many youngsters will be able to take part in activities organised by the Milan Foundation and ‘Playmore!’, always in the name of fun and integration.

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