Fondazione Milan & "Playmore!" together for "Sport4All"

In April the kick off of the pilot phase of the project sponsored by Milan's Municipality

Sports for all: this is the objective of "Sport4All", a project launched by Fondazione Milan, the Rossoneri non-profit organization, together with "PlayMore!", the non-profit association with social aims and sponsored by Milan’s municipality.

The project, that was presented during the press conference held at Palazzo Marino in the Sala Alessi, will kick off in April with a pilot phase, while the rolling courses are due to start in September. “Sport4All” has been launched to promote the practice of sports among people with disabilities together with children, young people and able-bodied adults and it aims at breaking down all barriers and prejudices, involving all athletes with the common passion towards one of the many sports they will be able to engage with.

All the activities will take place at the "PlayMore!" Sports Center, in via della Moscova 26 and the aim is to become the Sports House for All in Milan, promoting a tangible process of cohesion and integration in the society in which we live.

Daniele Massaro, Ambassador of Fondazione Milan, Luigi De Micco, one of the founders of "PlayMore!" and Roberta Guaineri, council member for sports of Milan's Municipality participated in the press conference together with the representatives and athletes of the various organizations involved.

"The commitment of Fondazione Milan is to implement an innovative and integrated sports project - said Daniele Massaro Ambassador of Fondazione Milan - I am thinking above all of the right to practice sports of people with disabilities, but also to the possibility that the sporting activity is shared with many other able-bodied people. In particular, we want to make young people aware of the normality of disability: in a team we are all the same and the most important things are the respect for one’s opponent, helping teammates in difficulty, spirit of self-sacrifice and a shared passion. I wish to thank the Municipality of Milan for sponsoring this initiative, PlayMore! for standing with us and all the organizations that will guarantee the practice of sport. Today we all win".

"We want Milan to become the capital of Sport for All!. 'Sport4All' was born with this goal: giving everyone the opportunity to access sports, having fun and making new friends, putting ourselves, our skills and differences out there" said Luigi De Micco, founder of "PlayMore!".

Roberta Guaineri, council member for sports of Milan's Municipality underlined: "This project is a great opportunity to offer integrated sports, to make it easier for everyone to practice sports and to network projects already in place in our city. It is an initiative perfectly in line with the Municipality’s commitment to develop new plants with solutions that ensure accessibility for all".

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