Special Soccer Camp 2018: confirmations and news!

Fondazione Milan summer camps, under the banner of inclusion

There is no five without six! The sixth season of our Special Soccer Camps is about to start, organized with the valuable collaboration of associations active in the relevant territories. A great opportunity for disabled and able-bodied children to meet and grow. The kids can experience a new vision of sports and skills, in particular thanks to football’s universal language. Furthermore, the camp experience also helps children to increase their autonomy and organizational and social skills. Diversity becomes a value and an opportunity to grow for all the children involved, their families and the technical / organizational staff, who answer with the utmost professionalism to the needs of different areas of intervention such as physical disability, mental or intellectual discomfort.

The Special Soccer Camp 2018 will take place between June and July in Milan Cimiano (in collaboration with Progetto Aita), Cernusco Sul Naviglio (in collaboration with the Istituto dei Tumori), Cantù (in collaboration with Briantea84), Braccagni (in collaboration with Blue Soccer Grosseto), San Martino al Cimino (in collaboration with Progetto Aita) and Cagliari (in collaboration with Fare Contatto).

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