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Silvio Berlusconi with one of the shirts he has signed.

MILAN - The week long festive celebrations in honour of Silvio Berlusconi's 30 years as Milan president, the most successful president in the history of the sport with a total of 28 trophies won, will come to an end with the auction of a limited edition Milan shirt.

On the day the president was celebrating this milestone at Milanello he autographed three seperate shirts made especially for this 30 year anniversary and on all three there is written '20th February 1986-20th February 2016 Silvio Berlusconi.

One of these shirts will be exclusively on exhibition at the Museo Mondo Milan while another will be framed and hung up at Milanello. The third shirt, iwth an original autograph from the president, will go up for auction on Charity Stars starting from 2pm.

After that another selection of shirts, from the players that will play against Torino on Saturday 27th February, will also go up for auction. Every single shirt will have the same writing across the front in gold and will also contain the autograph of the player who wore it during the game.

The entire proceeds from the sale will be handed over to the Milan Foundation in order to help raise money for Play for Change. It is a great occasion for all Milan fans to participate in the celebrations and also contribute to the hard work carried out by Milan Foundations and the club.

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