Fondazione Milan in the community: sharing positive values

The project's first event with Mattia Caldara and Francesca Vitale 

This morning, the first Fondazione Milan in the Community event took place at the 'Istituto comprensivo "Luigi Cadorna" in Milan. The initiative is a series of events promoted by Fondazione Milan with the support of VITA. The aim is to bring elite sporting figures in contact with youngsters.

The two special guests were two defenders from the men and women’s First Teams, Mattia Caldara and Francesca Vitale. In front of a keen and engaged audience, they looked back on their journeys on the way to becoming footballers.

The event showed how sport and football, in particular, can positively transmit values for life and personal development. Respect for the rules, belonging to a team, respecting your body, showing tenacity while pursuing goals and the ability to deal with defeat were some of the themes discussed by Caldara and Vitale as they responded to questions from the students at the ‘Cadorna’.

Mattia Caldara“From the very start of my career, my coaches always taught me that ‘WE’ came above ‘ME’. You always need to think as a team, the group comes before all else because that’s the only way to win and get personal satisfaction. In order to reach your goals, you need to train a lot and make lots of sacrifices in order to be ready for Sunday or to get through a difficult moment such as an injury.

Francesca Vitale: “In sport like at school, there are rules to respect. Discipline is vital in order to reach your goals and to become women and men with strong moral foundations. With this, the role of the coach is very similar to that of the coach, you need to follow and respect them because they represent one of the most important leadership figures in the personal development of every young person.”

The aim of establishing the project emerged following the success of the first meeting last March at the Centro Pavesi which received a positive reception from students at the Istituto comprensivo Pareto.

This all links to the work of Fondazione Milan which has been in place for over ten years with a particular focus on projects which make use of sport in helping young people to achieve their potential.

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