4th April: a solidarity derby

The AC Milan jerseys will have a special patch with the logo of Fondazione Milan and will be put up for a solidarity auction

On April 4th, the 'derby della Madonnina' will take place at San Siro, a match that has always been fascinating for the fans and the city of Milan. This game, though, is not something to experience, but will also send a message of solidarity.

AC Milan players will take the field wearing a special patch with the logo of Fondazione Milan. These will be unique items that after the final whistle will be put up for auction on CharityStars. Starting from 4th April, at 21.00 CET, every fan can take part in this solidarity auction and have the chance o take home the shirt of their favourite player, just by heading to the website.

The shirts will be divided into batches and on auction for a limited amount of time. The proceeds will go to the Earthquake Emergency Fund, first activated by Fondazione Milan in September 2016 following the earthquake that struck Central Italy. More than € 250 thousand have been raised as of today thanks to the help of many supporters of this initiative, with the help of the first team and AC Milan legends. These resources will be invested in reconstruction. Tangible gestures for the future of lots of young kids.

The Red and Black NPO has among others an important project to carry out: the creation of a special Red and Black camp for the kids of Amatrice and the nearby towns, to enliven those place and give back to these kids the right to play in an environment that is trying to bounce back.

A project which adds on to others who are already under construction. Last February, the work for the construction of the kindergarten school in Eggi (Perugia) started with the 'lay of the first stone', with the school that will be back hosting pupils who are currently hosted in a building owned by the Curia in San Giacomo di Spoleto. This is a project carried out by Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus and that Fondazione Milan has decided to support. Talking about first stone: the first stone will be 'laid' soon for the construction of another kindergarten school, this time in Pieve Torina, in the Macerata province.

Another project that AC Milan's NPO has decided to support, together with Lega Serie A e B Solidale Onlus, is the reconstruction of the sports field in Amatrice, an iconic place for the kids of the town.
Education and sport, two principles for the growth of the men and women of tomorrow.

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